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XenCorps has an experienced team for managing distributed web and mobile applications projects for Android, this being our core competency area. We practice fast and cost-effective development processes and frameworks, which are proven, stable, and according to industrial standards. Our team has hands-on experience of Java, C/C++, HTML, DHTML, XML, MXML, WML, CFML, SQL, UML, Flex ActionScript, JSP, EL. Agile frameworks Spring (Core, MVC, Security, JDBC), Hibernate, Struts 1.x and-2.2, ActiveMQ, Quartz Scheduler, Apache, Commons, Log4j, Logback and technologies, Java SE, Java EE (EJB 2.0, JSPs, Java Servlets, RMI) JAX-RS AJAX, and database MySQL, Oracle, SQL, Server, We implay automated testing tools like JMeter (Backend Testing) and Selinium (Front End Testing)